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Sales Policy

Please read this over and agree to the policy before contacting me about a bunny. If you contact me, you have agreed to these terms. The following points are very important to look over.

  • We, as the breeder, can refuse a sale to anyone at any time. These are our pet bunnies, so we need to ensure they are going to a good forever pet home!
  • If you inquire about a bunny and no money has been put down, that bunny is still for sale. Example: If you email and are interested in a bunny but have not put a deposit down on him/her, it's still available. It is first come, first serve.
  • Your deposit will be refunded if we refuse the sale for any reason. However, if you, the buyer, put a deposit down on a bunny(s) for sale, and you change your mind for any reason at all, your deposit will not be refunded.
  • Bunnies need to be picked up within two days from the date they are ready or there will be a $4.00 per day charge for taking care of that bunny.
  • Loving pet homes only!!
  • We believe that a spayed/neutered bunny makes a better pet.
  • Hold-serious interest in the bunny and am waiting for a deposit which needs to be received within 4 days of being placed on hold.
  • Deposit - $50.00 non refundable deposit has been received...that bunny is now spoken for. Your name will be placed next to the picture of the bunny you have chosen.
  • After picking up your bunny(s) if you ever decide you do not want the bunny, then you may give him or her back if you wish (if we have the space), but no money will be refunded. Or you may find the bunny a good home yourself.
  • All rabbits must be picked up by their new owners. We do not ship them.
  • All rabbits are healthy to the best of my knowledge when they leave our rabbitry. Under NO circumstances will I sell a rabbit that appears to be sick or have any health issues. When the rabbits leave us they are healthy to the best of my knowledge. We can not be held responsible if the rabbit becomes sick or dies while in your care. I can not control what the rabbit is exposed to outside of my rabbitry. Therefore, once the bunny leaves us, there will be no refunds or replacements if something was to happen. I am also not responsible at anytime for ANY vet or medical bills for your bunny once it leaves our rabbitry.
  • Each bunny comes with a starter bag of food and informational care sheet.
  • Remainder of balance owed needs to be paid in cash when the bunny is picked up.
  • We do look at the bunnies several times to determine what their gender is. We will check them on a weekly basis. No sex is 100% guaranteed. We will try our best!!!
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